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Mizoram ( the then Lushai Hills) experienced the existence of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Department since a long time back. The first Veterinary Department was established at Aizawl in the year 1917.  The Veterinary Doctor posted at Aizawl with their tenure in Mizoram till 1954 when Lushai Hills Community Development Block was established at Aizawl are as follows :-


Year of Joining

Tenure In Mizoram

Name of Vety. Doctor

October 1917

Upto June 1919

Kruvi Sanno Anpanri

June 1919

Upto January 1924

Hucke Sanno Anpanri

January 1924

October 1925


October 1925

Upto December 1951

P.S. Dahrawka

December 1951

Upto 1954

Dr. Zokhuma


During 1954-1958 9(nine) Community block and National Extension Service Block came into existence and in each Block Veterinary Doctors were posted. In the year 1958, District Animal Husbandry & Veterinary office was established at Aizawl under the State Govt of Assam. Sub – Divisional A.H. & Vety office was also established at Lunglei and Saiha in the year 1962 and 1968 respectively. While Mizoram attained Union Territory in the year, 1972, the existing Institution of A.H. & Veterinary Department are as follows :-

Sl no. Office Numbers
1. District A.H. & Vety office 1                
2. Sub – Divisional A.H. & Vety office 2
3. State Vety Dispensary 3
4. Rural Animal Health Centre 10


At present the Department has the following set up throughout the state.

Sl No. Office Numbers
1. Director 1

Joint Director

     - Joint Director(Administration)

     - Joint Director(Livestock Health)

     - Joint Director(Biogas)

     - Joint Director(Southern Zone, Lunglei)

3. District A.H. & Vety. Office 8
4. Sub District A.H. & Vety Office 2
5. Veterinary Hospital 5
6. Veterinary Dispensaries 39
7. Rural Animal Health Centres 117
8 Poultry & Livestock Demonstration Farm 11


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